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Hanni Heller-Ram, DTCM, MS, L.Ac

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Acupuncture can reduce chance of injury
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Treating a wide range

of women's health issues

And provide symptom relief

For chronic pain and disease,
Autoimmune disorders,
HIV and more

Acupuncture prevents illness and injuries, enhances mental and physical performance and promotes faster recovery times. As a licensed acupuncturist and holistic practitioner I work with my patients to assess, diagnose, develop and implement a treatment plan to help them achieve an optimum level of health and well being.  My specialties include neurological conditions, women’s health and chronic ailments.

I treat many neurological conditions including migraines, post concussion syndrome and trauma – specifically chronic pain and neuropathies of various origins such as accidents, viral infections (HIV, herpes zoster), stroke and diabetes.

My background includes extensive post graduate training in acupuncture for women’s reproductive health  – an area I have a passion for – including infertility, irregular periods, hormonal imbalances and menopause.  I have had hospital based training for support and pain management during labor and recovery.

As a long term volunteer at an AIDS project in New Haven, I gained extensive experience in supporting the needs of HIV positive patients from alleviating side effects of medications to easing the burden of depression.

I use different methods of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine to create a treatment plan for each patient.  I would be honored to assist you with any of your personal wellness goals.

— Hanni Heller-Ram  DTCM, MS, L.Ac


I see patients for a wide range of neurological issues such as neuropathies, neuralgias, and limb weakness of different origins, including auto immune diseases (MS, Lupus, RA), AIDS/HIV, diabetes, and stroke.

Women’s Health

Acupuncture Practitioners provide their own diagnosis and treatments exclusively in the confines of traditional Chinese methods.


Regardless if you a professional athlete training for a competitive event, or a weekend warrior that likes to be active and fit, you can benefit from acupuncture.

Half as thick as a human hair Acupuncture needles are thin, flexible and very friendly.

For over 2,500 years

Chinese medicine has effectively treated more conditions than all other treatment modalities combined

Following a thorough intake a Chinese medical diagnosis is made
and the appropriate modality chosen. Below are the major modalities.

What they have to say about Acu Poise

Testimonials from my patients

Three years ago, I began having excruciating back pain that made it difficult to complete everyday tasks. After seeing many doctors and getting various opinions and different medications that didn’t really help, I decided to find an alternative method of pain management. In October of 2015, I began meeting with Hanni three times a week to try to reduce the pain so that I could go about my daily routine. She tried several different types of acupuncture and after several months, the pain subsided substantially. Now I only go once every five weeks and the most I need in terms of medication is a basic Tylenol. Hanni always listened to me when I was in pain and used what I said to help conquer it, unlike many of the doctors that I saw. I really felt like she was treating me as a person rather than just my pain.

For some time, I had co-existed with discomfort in the nasal region until it was no longer possible to breathe comfortably or to go anywhere without a box of tissues. After the initial appointment with the ear, nose and throat specialist, the discovery was a huge polyp obstructing the entire maxillary region and completely visible to the eye! Confirmation from the Cat Scan resulted in a scheduled surgery for the medical “ethmoidectomy and maxillary antrostomy bilateral”. As Reiki teachers and practitioners, my husband and I initiated self-Reiki and received lots of sessions from my husband. Hanni, known at the local volunteer venue as a Reiki practitioner revealed she is also an acupuncturist and scripted a course of action for pre and post surgery. A minimum of 10 sessions scheduled every few days brought the swelling down to where the surgeon remarked, “You made my life easy.” There’s more to tell. Hanni diligently continued her course of treatments pre and post op. The surgery was quick and the surgeon was pleased. There was something else which was quite unusual according to the medical staff. There wasn’t one pain medication necessary, and the healing accelerated to where I can now smell the roses!

I highly recommend Hanni for anyone seeking an alternative treatment for any health concerns they have. She has helped my husband and I with various health issues. Hanni is an excellent practitioner, incredibly knowledgeable and her approach is gentle and effective.

Hanni is a caring, insightful and gentle practitioner. When I have an ailment, Hanni’s the one I call first. She uses a variety of acupuncture techniques for body and mind treatments. I’m fortunate to have a holistic healer who really knows me.

Because of Hanni’s expert analysis and treatment of my personal needs, I am more relaxed & my breathing is so much better. Numbness and pain in many parts of my body are gone, and this continues, layer by layer. I think more clearly, am better able to take charge of each day, interact more freely with people, and I can’t help but smile a lot more!

I have been to many acupuncturists over the years. Hanni is, by far, the best I have found! She has improved my quality of life tremendously! She genuinely has her patient’s best interests as a priority. She rocks!! Good Luck!”