ACU-POISE-725-X-725-PORTFOLIO_pregnancy+handsAcupuncture for women’s health

One of Chinese medicine’s strengths is in the treatment of women’s health and reproductive issues.

Starting as a teen, acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can help with issues such as irregular cycles, menstrual cramps, heavy bleeding and PMS.

For the planning mothers TCM can help to prepare the body for conception and treat infertility issues such as hormonal imbalances. Furthermore, acupuncture is also useful for male conditions such as diminished sperm motility, impotence, premature ejaculation, and low sperm count.

Acupuncture is suitable during pregnancy and can treat morning sickness, hemorrhoids and sciatica, as well as prepare the expecting mother’s body for delivery by optimizing hormone release and reducing anxiety. It can also aid in post partum recovery as well as milk production.

As a women reaches menopause acupuncture and Chinese herbals can help with hot flashes, night sweats, memory loss, moodiness and vaginal dryness.

Acupuncture Practitioners provide their own diagnosis and treatments exclusively in the confines of traditional Chinese methods. Diagnosis is symptom based. Since every woman is a unique and special person, the root cause of genecology, or other reproductive conditions, needs to be assessed on an individual basis and diagnosis and treatment principle are adjusted every visit.

In general, genecology problems take at least three months, with frequency of acupuncture treatments ranging from 1-3 times per week. This is due to the complex physiology of the menstrual cycle, which has to be treated at different parts of the month corresponding with the menstrual stages.

It is important to remember that frantic life and daily stressors rob many of us from optimal health. Just because “everyone suffers from it” does not mean it is normal, or should be that way. It may show as anxiety or depression, as digestive issues, migraines or stress headaches, chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia. It is also common to affect menstrual and reproductive health. It is my goal to help women to gain back the control over their health, and with the help of acupuncture and Chinese medicine to optimize physical and emotional well been.